Introduction to Biodiversity:

Various species have been found on the earth that are fulfilling the needs of each other and themselves. There should be a balance in all species including humans, animals, etc on the earth, and this is called biodiversity. As soon as the environment becomes hostile, the ecological…

Should results alone be the decisive factor in assessing the effort put into the task?

It is natural that when a person makes a goal, then he/she also applies all his/her efforts to achieve it and does not stop until he/she achieves the goal or success. …

Saint Kabir says-

Hari Ruthe is a Guru,
Guru Ruthe Nahin Thaur 4 ‘

That is, God can be protected by going to the Guru’s shelter, but it is not possible to find shelter anywhere when the Guru is angry.

The Guru has been taking responsibility for the development of…

What is knowledge

After all, what is this knowledge, whoever gets the fortune of the same ……. ?????

If a small child is asking his mother, what will the mother answer, will she explain to him how knowledge is gained or will he tell you in time.

I believe that…

Inner Power what exactly is this?
Everyone has a strong inner power. This power is present in everyone but it’s dormant.
Only a few people developed this inner power.

People can do much more than they realize b ut to get to this inner power you need to take action.

In today’s time, people keep on running in life. There is always competition for how much is earned so that the present and future of life is happy. But due to this blind competition, the prosperity of the present is lost somewhere. …

It seems very strange when sometimes after listening to the discussions around us, it really feels that we are really moving from developing India to developed or just statistics and internationally we are considered developing. …

If you are looking for the one person who will change your life …..

If you are looking for that one thing, a secret that will give you the life you want … then stop yourself now and look in the mirror instead.

You are the only person who can…

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