Our happiness is within us

Swati Sharma
3 min readJul 4, 2020


In today’s time, people keep on running in life. There is always competition for how much is earned so that the present and future of life is happy. But due to this blind competition, the prosperity of the present is lost somewhere. No one can guarantee how happy the future will be, but happiness can be found very easily in the present.

To make life happy, it is not necessary to break the moon and stars, but even small things can give immense happiness.
As someone helps you or you,
The golden sun falls on the face in the morning,
Children’s smile,
When the balloon is blown into the sky,
When you make a voice,
When someone cares for you

Don’t know how many such small things happen that make a person happy. There is a need to identify those things and find happiness. Sometimes even small incidents in life give happiness.Has it ever happened that you are going by train somewhere? The train stopped at the station. Some elderly couple are trying to climb in it but are unable to climb due to the luggage. You gave them a little support and they boarded the train safely. After this, the bourgeois couple gave you blessings, it is also a pleasure. Perhaps this happiness will become an unforgettable moment in your life.

It is not necessary to make life big or to think big. Only small things will make you happy. We just need to recognize the things we are happy to do.

When we are tired, the happiness we get by seeing a clean bed sheet is not available with anything else at that time, because sometimes happiness depends on the time and situation. The golden sunlight on the face in the cool cold makes you feel happy.

Talking about the United Nations World Happiness Report, India reached 144th place. On the other hand, Finland has been at the top in terms of prosperity. India has lagged behind neighboring country Pakistan in the rankings of prosperous countries. This list of the United Nations is decided on some factors. This includes income, health, life expectancy, social support, independence, trust and generosity. India was ranked 133 in this case in 2018 while it was ranked 140 in 2019.

It is being known from this figure that we should understand the importance of small happiness in life, so let us make sure today that we will see happiness in small things from today, even if it is a game of small children playing in the street and Be it in a fight or in connecting yourself with nature.
This is a small article. In this article, I cannot include all the small happiness that you all can find in our daily life, so recognize every happiness from today and thank God, for this happy life.



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